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            ·  "ONWA" marine equipment Alibaba shop opened
            ·  "ONWA marine navigation equipment" Micro message public opening on
            ·  Li Xianmou asked the Shanwei E-Commerce Association to promote the common development of member enterprises
            ·  The division joined the establishment of Shanwei Electronic Commerce Association
            ·  Alibaba listed on the New York Stock Exchange, to determine the issue price of $68
            ·  The R & D department training record20140911
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            "ONWA marine navigation equipment" Micro message public opening on
            Source:汕尾市快捷通導設備有限公司 | Date:2014-9-17 | Visits:

              Shanwei Express Communication & Navigation Company Ltd.  officially launched in September 1, 2014 Micro message version of the public service platform, which is dedicated to our customers and friends prepared heavy consulting, nauticalnecessary oh!

            You are still everywhere for desktop login for marine equipment information?Not now, only need to use your mobile phone can, on the mobile phone Micro message, plus public number: "ONWA marine navigation equipment(ONWA888)", can whenever and wherever possible query data of marine equipment, equipment and technology consulting, understanding of the navigation information of the industry, to escort for you!

            "ONWA marine navigation equipment" Micro message public platformthree functions:
            1,Whenever and wherever possible to view the company news and Industry News

            2,All ONWA products details of the Advisory

            3,ONWA marine equipment and technology consulting

            How to join?

            1,    The use of sweep function Micro message in the

            2,    You just need to Micro message mail list, select "add friends", enter in the search box: "navigation equipment" or "ONWA888 is what we oh ONWA ship!

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             Next:"ONWA" marine equipment Alibaba shop opened
            Add:Guangdong Province Shanwei city Hong Cao Zhen Pu Bian Industrial Zone Zhongyang Mansion
            Phone:+86 0660 3413091 E-mail:admin@onwa.cn
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            Micro message public No.

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