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            ·  Li Xianmou asked the Shanwei E-Commerce Association to promote the common development of member enterprises
            ·  The division joined the establishment of Shanwei Electronic Commerce Association
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            ·  The R & D department training record20140911
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            The division joined the establishment of Shanwei Electronic Commerce Association
            Source:汕尾市快捷通導設備有限公司 | Date:2014-9-23 | Visits:

            22 days, Shanwei E-Commerce Association was established and the convening of the first members of the general assembly. Shanwei Electronic CommerceAssociation members and guests and more than 200 people attended the meeting. The Department is also successfully become one.

            The General Assembly elected the first session of the Council memberassociation. Chinese banks and postal savings bank of China respectively to the Shanwei City Association of e-commerce credit 300000000 yuan.

            According to introduction, the association is enterprise or business unit by the Shanwei city engaged in e-commerce business and service industry, composed of voluntary, non-profit social organizations in the city. The association will focus on training business professional business, the introduction of e-commerce high-end technical operations personnel; good talent andtechnology service for a long time, the system for the enterprise; hatching E-commerce Team; provide more financing channels, reduce financing cost; play the role of bridge and tie; hold large electric business forum; carry out various forms of business knowledge dissemination activities.


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